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Engineering a "cheaper" healthcare system


From the Wall Street Journal: Opinion Journal. October 6th, 2009
The War on Specialists
ObamaCare punishes cardiology and oncology to finance GPs.
A wonderfully written article about payment issues around healthcare. Specifically targeted for 2010, are decreased reimbursements for the specialties of cardiology and radiation oncology. These areas are targeted for an 11% and 19% cut on reimbursement because the specialists in these areas are highly trained and use expensive technology.
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I especially like the ending paragraph: Americans might take a different view of health-care "reform" if they understood that it means snuffing out the best medicine.
Will we feel differently about it when our loved ones can't get the care or diagnostic test that is needed in a timely fashion? Will we be questioning the government when our local hospitals can no longer afford to provide what is now considered standard care? Or when specialists leave our community because the reimbursement does not even cover the cost of providing the treatment.
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