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What is adequate healthcare?


What does "Adequate" health care mean for heart disease and stroke patients?

• It means a stroke survivor won't find himself without coverage for the rehabilitation he needs to walk and talk again after leaving the hospital.

• It means that a baby born with a congenital heart defect won't reach his insurance plan's lifetime cap on benefits before his second birthday.

• It means a heart attack survivor won't find herself with crippling medical bills because her plan only covered her hospitalization, but none of the associated medical care provided during the stay.

• It means that a woman with a family history of heart disease will be covered for the preventative care she needs to reduce her risk.

Unfortunately, these aren't just hypothetical situations. These are realities that heart disease and stroke patients are facing each day as they try to navigate a broken health care system. And all too often, these inadequacies in coverage lead families down the road toward medical bankruptcy -- in fact, cardiovascular disease is a top cause of medical bankruptcy.

That's why the American Heart Association supports health care reform policies that will ensure patients are able to receive the right care at the right time. We believe that coverage should span the continuum of care from prevention to rehabilitation.

Currently, the bills under consideration in the House and Senate would require all plans to cover essential benefits without annual or lifetime caps, and eliminate financial barriers to preventive care. And the bills would empower the consumer by requiring plans sold through the insurance exchange to provide comparable information about health insurance benefits, costs, and quality to make certain that consumers know what their coverage provides.

We will need your help to ensure the measures being considered by Congress to address health care adequacy don't get watered down as the debate continues on Capitol Hill. Please do your part to share the facts with family and friends and we'll send you timely action alerts when it is critical to act.

Stay tuned for information on the last of the 3 A's- Affordability - in the Advocacy Pulse newsletter next week.

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